Weekend Recap! // Kate Ann Photography

This weekend was one that I will remember for a long time . For the past six months I have been working on a documentary titled “A Single Seed” with one of my best friends Frankie Cerquetti. The film discusses the issue of sex trafficking in the United States and what The Samaritan Women Ministry is doing to fight the problem. We had the premiere of the documentary on Friday followed by a Q&A with the cast of the film. More details on how to purchase the film is coming soon!

I have had a blast making the film with Frankie. It was surreal to see it up on the big screen!

tswfilmshowing-1 tswfilmshowing-2 tswfilmshowing-3

Then on Saturday I got to photograph another wedding with the fabulous Natalie Franke!

Then on Sunday I had the chance to photograph Kimberly’s Senior Session! Here is a sneak peek! I love it when my clients become friends!


Dressing for Spring // Glitter Guide // Kate Ann Photography

Spring is officially HERE! A little over a week ago I did a beauty shoot for Glitter Guide and got to photograph the absolutely stunning Kara from Politics of Pretty! Here is Kara in a chic spring look! I am in love with this floral skirt and jean jacket combo. Outfit styled by the talented Caitlin from Style Within Reach.


P.S. Kara got a engaged a couple days after this shoot! Congrats !!

GlitterGuideMarch14-69 GlitterGuideMarch14-74 GlitterGuideMarch14-78 GlitterGuideMarch14-84 GlitterGuideMarch14-86

Caitlin Moran’s Bridesmaid “Ask” Brunch // Style Me Pretty // Kate Ann Photography

I love the idea of asking your best friends to be your bridesmaids by throwing a fun brunch! The super stylish Caitlin Moran from Style Within Reach and Glitter Guide is getting married and I could not be more happy for her! It was a joy to capture Caitlin and her friends laughing and enjoying some seriously yummy food. Caitlin did an amazing job putting the brunch together. Her brunch was featured on Style Me Pretty last week! Here are some of my favorite images from the Bridesmaid “Ask” Brunch!

GlitterGuideJan4-26GlitterGuideJan4-12GlitterGuideJan4-1 GlitterGuideJan4-40 GlitterGuideJan4-33 GlitterGuideJan4-46GlitterGuideJan4-69 GlitterGuideJan4-86 GlitterGuideJan4-105 GlitterGuideJan4-57 GlitterGuideJan4-66 GlitterGuideJan4-16 GlitterGuideJan4-75 GlitterGuideJan4-21 GlitterGuideJan4-106

Styling by Caitlin Moran, Florals by Intrigue Designs, Ask cards by The Sunny Side’s Up.

Styled Winter Glam Coffee Table // Style Within Reach // Kate Ann Photography

Happy Friday everyone! Today I am sharing this gorgeous coffee table style shoot. The super talented Caitlin from Style Within Reach (seriously check out this blog!) styled this unique circular table from 55 Downing Street. I am in love with every detail especially the golden vintage tray. Enjoy!
♥ Kate

GlitterGuideDec27-12 GlitterGuideDec27-13 GlitterGuideDec27-5GlitterGuideDec27-4GlitterGuideDec27-2


Courtney Rose & Adam // Strong Mansion // Dickerson Maryland Wedding Photographer

This past summer I had the chance to photograph Courtney Rose and Adam’s sweet vintage wedding at the Strong Mansion in Dickerson Maryland. For this wedding I second shot for the fabulous Erin Wheeler Photography! I am in love with all of the details from their day. From the soft romantic florals to the yummy macaroons. It was a cloudy day with rain on the horizon. The sky held up and last minute they decided to hold the ceremony in the beautiful exterior of the mansion. The day was filled with tears of joy and warm hugs. Here are some of my favorite images from the day!

erinstrongmansionweb-5 erinstrongmansionweb-6 erinstrongmansionweb-4 erinstrongmansionweb-8 erinstrongmansionweb-7erinstrongmansionweb-9erinstrongmansionweb-10 erinstrongmansionweb-175-2 erinstrongmansionweb-17 erinstrongmansionweb-16erinstrongmansionweb-21erinstrongmansionweb-24erinstrongmansionweb-166erinstrongmansionweb-29erinstrongmansionweb-30erinstrongmansionweb-150erinstrongmansionweb-33erinstrongmansionweb-36erinstrongmansionweb-38erinstrongmansionweb-41erinstrongmansionweb-42erinstrongmansionweb-44erinstrongmansionweb-47erinstrongmansionweb-48erinstrongmansionweb-51erinstrongmansionweb-53erinstrongmansionweb-55erinstrongmansionweb-61erinstrongmansionweb-64erinstrongmansionweb-190 erinstrongmansionweb-192 erinstrongmansionweb-191 erinstrongmansionweb-184 erinstrongmansionweb-193erinstrongmansionweb-88 erinstrongmansionweb-175 erinstrongmansionweb-176erinstrongmansionweb-79erinstrongmansionweb-31erinstrongmansionweb-163 erinstrongmansionweb-161 erinstrongmansionweb-75erinstrongmansionweb-81 erinstrongmansionweb-83erinstrongmansionweb-89 erinstrongmansionweb-91 erinstrongmansionweb-92 erinstrongmansionweb-93 erinstrongmansionweb-95 erinstrongmansionweb-97 erinstrongmansionweb-99 erinstrongmansionweb-103

A Year in Review 2013

This past year has been an adventure. I started the year living in London studying fashion at the London College of Fashion. Then I came home to shoot almost every weekend, working with some great photographers and amazing couples. Kate Ann Photography became Kate Ann Photography, LLC! I also had the chance to photograph styles shoots for Glitter Guide and photograph some beautiful souls. God is good.
My life is not perfect by any means. There were rough patches and sleepless nights. Thanks to the support of my dear friends and family I made it. I am beyond thankful for everyone who believes in me. Cheers to another year of photographing love stories and growing closer to God!
♥ Kate

Londonbook-141Londonbook-92websiteport-119 Website Port -107erinstrongmansionweb-60websiteport-76websiteport-27 NYCwebsite-13Oct29styleshoot-4GlitterGuideNewYears2014-5

Christmas Inspirations // Kate Ann Photography // Maryland Portrait Photographer

Happy Monday everyone! Yesterday in Baltimore, Maryland we had our first snow day! It was pure magic. Therefore I felt I needed to compose a post of some holiday inspired decorations, drinks, and fashions I have been photographing. The first two images are some self portraits I took yesterday in the snow with the help of my good friend Frankie. The rest of the post are images from a style shoot I photographed for Glitter Guide. The super beautiful Caitlin from Style Within Reach styled everything and is featured in some of the images.
Happy holidays everyone!

KateSNow3 GlitterGuideNov25-104GlitterGuideNov25-43GlitterGuideNov25-26 GlitterGuideNov25-31 GlitterGuideNov25-48 GlitterGuideNov25-75GlitterGuideNov25-59GlitterGuideNov25-90 GlitterGuideNov25-93 GlitterGuideNov25-111

Jackie & Steve // Chesapeake Bay Beach Club Wedding // Maryland Wedding Photographer

Jackie and Steve had a perfect summer day for their Chesapeake Bay wedding. Steve had one of the biggest smiles I have ever seen on a groom! I can not blame him, Jackie was so sweet and purely stunning!
For this wedding I was the second shooter for Natalie Franke Photography. I have looked up to Natalie for years and it was such a joy to work with her! I am excited to photograph more weddings with her next year!
Here are some of my favorite images from Jackie and Steve’s day!
♥ Kate
NatCBCfinal2013-1 NatCBCfinal2013-2 NatCBCfinal2013-4 NatCBCfinal2013-5 NatCBCfinal2013-8 NatCBCfinal2013-7 NatCBCfinal2013-9 NatCBCfinal2013-12 NatCBCfinal2013-14 NatCBCfinal2013-15 NatCBCfinal2013-19 NatCBCfinal2013-20 NatCBCfinal2013-22 NatCBCfinal2013-56NatCBCfinal2013-26 NatCBCfinal2013-28 NatCBCfinal2013-31 NatCBCfinal2013-32 NatCBCfinal2013-30 NatCBCfinal2013-38 NatCBCfinal2013-39 NatCBCfinal2013-34 NatCBCfinal2013-35 NatCBCfinal2013-36 NatCBCfinal2013-40NatCBCfinal2013-43NatCBCfinal2013-41NatCBCfinal2013-45NatCBCfinal2013-50 NatCBCfinal2013-52 NatCBCfinal2013-51 NatCBCfinal2013-53NatCBCfinal2013-48NatCBC2913-65 NatCBC2913-62 NatCBC2913-61 NatCBC2913-63 NatCBC2913-64

The Samaritan Women Documentary // Kate Ann Photography

Hello! I hope everyone is having a good start to their week! I wanted to make a post today about something special one of my good friends has invited me to work on with her.

About two years ago I visited The Samaritan Women (TSW) for the first time during a spring break service trip. The Samaritan Women is located on a beautiful 2.5 acre farm in Baltimore. I felt a strong sense of peace during my first day working on the grounds. Though the location is magnificent, the story TSW desires to spread is one of brokenness and pain. The Samaritan Women is a Christian non- profit that houses women who were victims of human trafficking. The organization also aims to educate others about sex slavery. My friend Frankie has invited me along to help film a documentary about The Samaritan Women and human trafficking. This documentary will be an emotional journey for both of us but I am excited to be apart of the project! Here are some stills I took from our first day of shooting and a sneak peak of an interview with TSW’s founder Jeanne which was filmed by the two of us and edited by Frankie. Frankie led the interview with Jeanne!
I am excited to see where this project goes!

TSW Day 1 Web-1 TSW Day 1 Web-2

Fall Living Room Update // Glitter Guide // Kate Ann Photography

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to photograph this beautiful fall inspired living room for The Glitter Guide. Caitlin from Style Within Reach styled the room. Caitlin is so fun and easy going (plus super talented) and I am excited to work on future projects with her!
Here are some of my favorite images from the shoot!
GlitterGuideOct15-2ndedit-2 GlitterGuideOct15-2ndedit-6 GlitterGuideOct15-2ndedit-1 GlitterGuideOct15-2ndedit-9GlitterGuideOct15-2ndedit-14GlitterGuideOct15-2ndedit-5 GlitterGuideOct15-2ndedit-22 GlitterGuideOct15-2ndedit-21 GlitterGuideOct15-2ndedit-17


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