Announcing a Boudoir Marathon!! // Baltimore Boudoir Photographer

I hope y’all had a blessed Thanksgiving! Today I am announcing that I will be photographing a Boudoir Marathon January 10th and 11th! These sessions will be an hour long and you will receive a digital download of 30+ high-resolution edited images! Each session will be lightly styled by Jenna from Pop The Cork Designs! For Black Friday we are giving $25 off the first 5 sessions booked! Email me for more information!


Katie & Adam’s Wedding Story // St. Michaels Maryland Wedding // Eastern Shore Wedding Photographer

I don’t even know where to start! Adam and Katie’s day was true perfection. Their intimate wedding took place at a stunning waterfront home in St. Michaels Maryland. Upon arriving I instantly felt welcomed by their family and friends. The day was filled with warm hugs, ear-to-ear grins and the most gorgeous sunset I had seen all summer. I am so thankful that Katie and Adam invited me into their lives for a day to document a piece of their love story. Here are some of my favorites photographs from Katie and Adam’s wedding!
Be sure to take a listen to this while you look around. This was their processional song!
adam and katie BLOG-1adam and katie BLOG-3adam and katie BLOG-7adam and katie BLOG-12adam and katie BLOG-16adam and katie BLOG-17adam and katie BLOG-18adam and katie BLOG-222adam and katie BLOG-23adam and katie BLOG-24adam and katie BLOG-25adam and katie BLOG-217adam and katie BLOG-33adam and katie BLOG-34adam and katie BLOG-32adam and katie BLOG-37adam and katie BLOG-38adam and katie BLOG-40adam and katie BLOG-41adam and katie BLOG-223adam and katie BLOG-52adam and katie BLOG-55adam and katie BLOG-44adam and katie BLOG-46adam and katie BLOG-47adam and katie BLOG-48adam and katie BLOG-49adam and katie BLOG-50adam and katie BLOG-59adam and katie BLOG-57adam and katie BLOG-214adam and katie BLOG-215adam and katie BLOG-67adam and katie BLOG-68adam and katie BLOG-69adam and katie BLOG-70adam and katie BLOG-71adam and katie BLOG-72adam and katie BLOG-73adam and katie BLOG-81adam and katie BLOG-78adam and katie BLOG-83adam and katie BLOG-85adam and katie BLOG-87adam and katie BLOG-88adam and katie BLOG-89adam and katie BLOG-99adam and katie BLOG-101adam and katie BLOG-102adam and katie BLOG-202adam and katie BLOG-96adam and katie BLOG-203adam and katie BLOG-204adam and katie BLOG-220adam and katie BLOG-110adam and katie BLOG-220adam and katie BLOG-111adam and katie BLOG-112adam and katie BLOG-113adam and katie BLOG-115adam and katie BLOG-119adam and katie BLOG-218adam and katie BLOG-121adam and katie BLOG-122adam and katie BLOG-105adam and katie BLOG-124adam and katie BLOG-127adam and katie BLOG-128adam and katie BLOG-129adam and katie BLOG-130adam and katie BLOG-131adam and katie BLOG-211adam and katie BLOG-133adam and katie BLOG-139adam and katie BLOG-135adam and katie BLOG-140adam and katie BLOG-137adam and katie BLOG-141

These are the amazing vendors that made this day possible:

Hair: Michelle @ Serendipity Salon and Spa

Makeup: Bridesmaid Carly Mayer

Florist: Wenfei Uva from Seaberry Farm

Caterer: Laura Dennis from PeachBlossoms Events 

Gown designer/retailer: Watters from Juliana’s in Rochester

Jewelry: Engagement rings and bands custom designed by Barbara Oliver

 Wedding Cake or Dessert: Made by Laura Dennis

A big thank you to my incredible assistant Frankie Cerquetti!

Casey & Jack’s Portrait Story // Annapolis Courthouse Wedding // Annapolis Wedding Photographer

One Friday afternoon I met Casey and Jack right after they tied the knot at the Annapolis Courthouse to go on a portrait session adventure! They are seriously one of the sweetest couples I have ever met! It had been raining off and on all day making the earth beautifully saturated with color. It was such a joy to photograph their love in Historic Downtown Annapolis. Here are some of my favorites from their session!

-Kate ♥

Casey and Jack-56 Casey and Jack-53 Casey and Jack-58Casey and Jack-50Casey and Jack-47Casey and Jack-44Casey and Jack-39Casey and Jack-61Casey and Jack-64 Casey and Jack-67 Casey and Jack-71 Casey and Jack-72 Casey and Jack-79 Casey and Jack-83 Casey and Jack-84 Casey and Jack-86 Casey and Jack-90 Casey and Jack-88 Casey and Jack-96 Casey and Jack-94Casey and Jack-104

Paige and Matt’s Wedding Story // DeJon Vineyard Country Wedding // Baltimore Wedding Photographer

Paige and Matt’s wedding was warm with country love! Paige and Matt are two kind souls who decided to get married at one of their favorite parks, Gunpowder Falls, and then had a stunning reception at the DeJon Vineyard. Paige’s cousin is very talented with woodworking and made the arbor for the ceremony. Her aunts and cousins put together the centerpieces for the reception, wood slabs and all. All the mason jars, old windows, and rustic decorations her and Matt found around our farm in basements and old barns and cleaned up for the wedding! These two are so madly in love!! Here are my favorites from Paige and Matt’s wedding story!

Paige and Matt blog -1-Final Paige and Matt blog -2-Final Paige and Matt blog -6-Final Paige and Matt blog -4-FinalPaige and Matt blog -13-FinalPaige and Matt blog -16-FinalPaige and Matt blog -12-FinalPaige and Matt blog -18-Final Paige and Matt blog -153-Final Paige and Matt blog -21-Final Paige and Matt blog -22-Final Paige and Matt blog -26-FinalPaige and Matt blog -36-FinalPaige and Matt blog -39-FinalPaige and Matt blog -42-FinalPaige and Matt blog -47-FinalPaige and Matt blog -32-Final finalPaige and Matt blog -51-Final Paige and Matt blog -52-Final Paige and Matt blog -55-Final Paige and Matt blog -64-Final Paige and Matt blog -66-Final Paige and Matt blog -67-Final Paige and Matt blog -69-Final Paige and Matt blog -71-Final Paige and Matt blog -81-Final Paige and Matt blog -80-FinalPaige and Matt blog -75-FinalPaige and Matt blog -76-FinalPaige and Matt blog -84-FinalPaige and Matt blog -82-Final Paige and Matt blog -86-Final Paige and Matt blog -83-Final Paige and Matt blog -89-Final Paige and Matt blog -90-Final Paige and Matt blog -94-Final Paige and Matt blog -96-Final Paige and Matt blog -97-FinalPaige and Matt blog -163-Final finalPaige and Matt blog -160-Final finalPaige and Matt blog -103-FinalPaige and Matt blog -106-Final finalPaige and Matt blog -161-Final finalPaige and Matt blog -108-FinalPaige and Matt blog -164-Final finalPaige and Matt blog -114-Final Paige and Matt blog -116-FinalPaige and Matt blog -118-Final Paige and Matt blog -111-Final Paige and Matt blog -120-FinalPaige and Matt blog -110-Final Paige and Matt blog -126-Final Paige and Matt blog -128-Final Paige and Matt blog -130-Final Paige and Matt blog -142-Final Paige and Matt blog -140-Final Paige and Matt blog -143-Final
Hair: Renaissance Day Spa
Makeup: Renaissance Day Spa
Florist:Milk Barrel Flower arrangements by Cora Connell, Blossom to Blossom
DJ/Band: Phillip McKnight and Band (ceremony)
Reception DJ’s -Dance Master’s Entertainment 
Caterer: Clementine
Gown designer/retailer: Amanda Ritchey Bridal
Invitations: Minted:
Wedding Cake or Dessert: Prigel Family Creamery
Sarah Connell-Sprigg (cake)
All stationary and invitations made by bride and groom
Arbor made by Matt Prigel (cousin of bride)

Also, A big thank you to my super awesome second shooter Frankie Cerquetti!

Weekend Wrap-up // Maryland Wedding Photographer

Happy Monday! This past weekend was filled with so much joy and love! On Friday I photographed Casey and Jack’s courthouse wedding portraits. We roamed around downtown Annapolis and celebrated their love with some images! The earth was so rich and saturated with color because of the rain. Then I zipped away to Virginia to photograph Kevin and Julie’s stunning day! Their wedding was held at Julie’s parent’s beautiful farm property. You guys are going to freak out when you see all of the hard work Julie put into her big day! I can not wait to share more!

casey sneak peek-1casey sneak peek-2sneak peek-2juliekevinsneakpeek-2sneak peek-1

Sophie & John’s Wedding Story // Annapolis Wedding Photographer // Chesapeake Bay Foundation Wedding

Hello everyone! I am so excited to share Sophie and John’s bohemian beach wedding at the Chesapeake Bay Foundation! Sophie and her friends made so many DIY pieces for the wedding, including the flowers. Sophie and John’s day was filled with sweet smiles, amazing weather, and lots and lots of love! Here are some of my favorites from their day.
Sophie and John Blog-3 Sophie and John Blog-5 Sophie and John Blog-4 Sophie and John Blog-9 Sophie and John Blog-12 Sophie and John Blog-16 Sophie and John Blog-18Sophie and John Blog-29 Sophie and John Blog-21 Sophie and John Blog-25 Sophie and John Blog-31 Sophie and John Blog-166Sophie and John Blog-168Sophie and John Blog-150 Sophie and John Blog-165Sophie and John Blog-151 Sophie and John Blog-50 Sophie and John Blog-52 Sophie and John Blog-49Sophie-and-John-Blog-first-look Sophie and John Blog-59 Sophie and John Blog-61 Sophie and John Blog-62 Sophie and John Blog-58 Sophie and John Blog-63 Sophie and John Blog-65 Sophie and John Blog-67 Sophie and John Blog-69 Sophie and John Blog-68 Sophie and John Blog-71 Sophie and John Blog-70 Sophie and John Blog-72 Sophie and John Blog-43 Sophie and John Blog-46 Sophie and John Blog-44 Sophie and John Blog-83 Sophie and John Blog-85 Sophie and John Blog-84 Sophie and John Blog-86 Sophie and John Blog-87 Sophie and John Blog-88 Sophie and John Blog-90 Sophie and John Blog-92 Sophie and John Blog-94Sophie and John Blog-170Sophie and John Blog-150-2 Sophie and John Blog-96 Sophie and John Blog-97 Sophie and John Blog-99 Sophie and John Blog-103 Sophie and John Blog-104 Sophie and John Blog-101 Sophie and John Blog-73 Sophie and John Blog-75 Sophie and John Blog-74 Sophie and John Blog-79 Sophie and John Blog-82 Sophie and John Blog-106 Sophie and John Blog-108 Sophie and John Blog-107 Sophie and John Blog-109 Sophie and John Blog-111 Sophie and John Blog-112 Sophie and John Blog-114 Sophie and John Blog-115 Sophie and John Blog-116 Sophie and John Blog-117 Sophie and John Blog-110

These are the vendors that made this day possible:

Hair: Behind the Veil

Makeup: Behind the Veil

Florist: DIY by Sophie and her friends!

Band: Marquise

Caterer: Saucy Salamander

Gown designer/retailer: Paloma Blanca – Bridal’s by Elena

Invitations: Seaside Paperie (Sophie’s sister Chelsea)

Videographer: Madeline Maddock Good and Erica Matson

Wedding Cake or Dessert: Whole foods and Sophie’s Mom, Liz

and a big Thank You to my assistant Frankie!

The Sea and The Stars // Amanda and Nick’s Wedding Story // Baltimore Wedding Photographer

Last September I started on a project with one of my best friends Frankie that would change my life. We had the privilege to make a documentary about The Samaritan Women Ministry (TSW), an organization that is operating a transitional residence program for women recovering from trauma and trafficking which emphasizes life-rebuilding and reconciliation. TSW is also leading a state-wide social justice initiative against human trafficking. During the process of making the documentary we interviewed various staff members and volunteers from TSW including Amanda and Nick. When I met Amanda last September, she was a single woman pursuing her passion for social justice. Later we met Nick, a volunteer who gave up everything to inform the world about human trafficking. They starting dating while we were still making the film. When Amanda called me and asked me to be her photographer for her August wedding I was literally in tears. They tied the knot on the The Samaritan Women property where they first met and fell in love! These two ran towards their passions and towards God and found each other in the midst. I feel completely honored to share some of my favorite images from their wedding day!

Here is the tale of the Seafarer’s Daughter (Amanda’s Dad was in the Navy)  and the Star-gazer’s Son (Nick’s dad works for NASA) :

Also be sure to listen to this beautiful song while you take a look at these images (Amanda walked down the aisle to this tune):
Amanda and Nick Blog-1 Amanda and Nick Blog-3Amanda and Nick Blog-7Amanda and Nick -65Amanda and Nick Blog-23 Amanda and Nick Blog-16Amanda and Nick -98Amanda and Nick Blog-20Amanda and Nick Blog-173Amanda and Nick Blog-174Amanda and Nick Blog-177 Amanda and Nick Blog-39 Amanda and Nick Blog-38 Amanda and Nick Blog-40 Amanda and Nick Blog-41Amanda and Nick -168Amanda and Nick -165Amanda and Nick Blog-53 Amanda and Nick Blog-55 Amanda and Nick Blog-50Amanda and Nick Blog-181Amanda and Nick Blog-56 Amanda and Nick Blog-57Amanda and Nick Blog-184Amanda and Nick Blog-62 Amanda and Nick Blog-61 Amanda and Nick Blog-67 Amanda and Nick Blog-68 Amanda and Nick Blog-69 Amanda and Nick Blog-71 Amanda and Nick Blog-72Amanda and Nick -323Amanda and Nick Blog-74 Amanda and Nick Blog-76Amanda and Nick Blog-202Amanda and Nick Blog-79Amanda and Nick -377Amanda and Nick -379Amanda and Nick Blog-80 Amanda and Nick Blog-89Amanda-and-Nick-Gif-2Amanda and Nick Blog-90 Amanda and Nick Blog-91Amanda and Nick Blog-92Amanda and Nick Blog-93Amanda and Nick Blog-94Amanda and Nick Blog-99Amanda and Nick Blog-96Amanda and Nick Blog-98Amanda and Nick -637Amanda and Nick Frame Expansion Amanda and Nick Blog-101 Amanda and Nick Blog-105 Amanda and Nick Blog-104 Amanda and Nick Double Exposure Amanda and Nick Blog-150 Amanda and Nick Blog-109Amanda and Nick Blog-110Amanda and Nick Blog-114Amanda and Nick Blog-112Amanda and Nick -689Amanda and Nick Blog-117 Amanda and Nick Blog-119 Amanda and Nick Blog-121 Amanda and Nick Blog-122 Amanda and Nick Blog-124 Amanda and Nick Blog-125 Amanda and Nick Blog-126 Amanda and Nick Blog-128 Amanda and Nick Blog-131 Night shot Amanda and NickHere are the vendors that made this day possible!

Hair: Angela Soto of Lucky 3 Studio

Make-up: Kimmy Gonzalez

Planner/Day of Coordinator: Lindsay Hocker of Simply Perfect Events

DJ/Band: Pedro Gonzalez

Caterer: Beefalo Bos

Gown designer: Maya Couture

Jewelry: Stella & Dot

Invitations/ Menus: PaperDolls Designs

Videographer: Frankie Films

Wedding Cake: Minted Sweets

Also check out Frankie’s sneak peek video of Amanda’s wedding HERE!


Jenn & Mike’s Portrait Story // Great Falls Park // Maryland Portrait & Wedding Photographer

Last Friday I woke up early to meet Mike and Jenn for a sunrise session at Great Falls Park in Potomac, Maryland. There is nothing like cool crisp morning air. Jenn and Mike are so madly in love! Their portrait story near the babbling falls and jade green forest was true perfection. Here are some of my favorite from their session.
MikeandJen-45 coverMikeandJen-5MikeandJen-7MikeandJen-10MikeandJen-12MikeandJen-14 MikeandJen-24MikeandJen-19MikeandJen-33MikeandJen-17 MikeandJen-40MikeandJen-44MikeandJen-43MikeandJen-34 MikeandJen-35 MikeandJen-82 MikeandJen-45 MikeandJen-77 MikeandJen-66 MikeandJen-64 MikeandJen-89 MikeandJen-81 MikeandJen-92 MikeandJen-96 MikeandJen-95 MikeandJen-99MikeandJen-87

My Gear Bag // Kate Ann Photography // Wedding & Portrait Photographer

Hello! I am often asked what gear I use for my images. Today I wanted to share what equipment I bring to all of my weddings and portrait sessions!

gearbag-1gearbag-2I am a Canon girl who only shoots with prime lenses. Most of my gear was purchased on Amazon or B&H Photo.gearbag-3 The Canon 100L is great for beautiful ring shots and shooting details.gearbag-4This lens is one of my favorites. Canon’s 135L is so stinking sharp. This lens is fantastic during ceremonies. gearbag-6The Canon 50L is a classic. Beautiful portraits and an all around solid lens. gearbag-5Ok so this may be my favorite lens. Canon’s TS-E 45mm allows me to create stunning artistic images. I love playing with planes of focus in my work. gearbag-7Canon’s 35L is a great wide-angle lens. It is pretty tact sharp and the colors it produces are always pleasing. I use this for wide shots and on the dance floor.
gearbag-11The Canon 5D Mark II is my back-up camera. gearbag-12The Canon 5D Mark III is an amazing camera! The colors it produces are stunning and it is an upgrade from the 5D Mark II in so many ways. gearbag-8I use a Canon 600 EX-TR Speedlite and a Blot battery pack for my on-camera flash system. gearbag-9I love this Jack by Jill-e designs leather rolling camera bag. It goes with my everywhere and holds all of my gear! gearbag-10
gearbag-13I use both Lexar and Sandisk 16 GB CF cards inside a super sturdy Pelican case. gearbag-15These Neewer video lights are easy to use. They help add an extra pop of light when needed.