First few days in London!

Hello everyone! I am studying in London for a semester at the London College of Fashion. My trip thus far has been a whirlwind of emotions. From leaving my family at the airport to having nice conversations on the plane to being detained at the border to meeting my lovely flat mates to traveling and exploring the city! London is quite charming . Here are some images from my first few days in London!

♥ Kate 
London Jan 4-1 London Jan 4-13London Jan 4-2London Jan 4-1 London Jan 4-3 Flat Mates! London Jan 4-14 London Jan 4-15 Dior Dress at the Victoria and Albert Museum!London Jan 4-4London Jan 4-6 And then I saw some birds…London Jan 4-5London Jan 4-9London Jan 4-20London Jan 4-16 I saw this dog three times in one day. On the third time I had to snap a picture! What a cutie!
London Jan 4-17 London Jan 4-18The first meal I made! Penne with pesto, chicken, tomatoes, spinach and fresh mozzarella!
London Jan 5-4 London Jan 5-1 London Jan 5-2 London Jan 5-3 Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park!
London Jan 5-1

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