20 Days in London

Hello everyone! My first 20 days in London have been breathtaking and a period of adjustment. My classes at the London College of Fashion inspire me everyday. I can not wait to share with you some of my projects at the end of the semester. The people in my program are friendly and sweet. I am very blessed. I have been a little homesick but London’s charm usually is the cure. I wish to share a bit of its beauty with you:
♥ Kate

jan 18th (and before) london-6 jan 18th (and before) london-15 jan 18th (and before) london-13 jan 18th (and before) london-11 jan 18th (and before) london-12 jan 18th (and before) london-9 jan 18th (and before) london-10 jan 18th (and before) london-8jan 18th (and before) london-7 Shopping on a Sunday afternoon in Camden!
jan 18th (and before) london-4 jan 18th (and before) london-3 jan 18th (and before) london-1 jan 18th (and before) london-2jan 18th (and before) london-5jan 20th london-1 Westminster Castle! When can I move in? jan 20th london-2jan 20th london-4 jan 20th london-12jan 20th london-10jan 20th london-11jan 20th london-14jan 20th london-13jan 20th london-16jan 20th london-18jan 20th london-21jan 20th london-19jan 20th london-20Stonehenge in the snow! One of the great mysteries of the world!  jan 20th london-41jan 20th london-40jan 20th london-24This is a quick portrait I took of my friend Julia at Stonehenge. All of my flatmates are so beautiful! jan 20th london-27Oxford!This city was calm and charming. A scene from one of the Harry Potter movies was filmed in the courtyard featured below!  jan 20th london-31jan 20th london-32jan 20th london-33jan 20th london-34jan 20th london-35I wanted to end the post with my first self portrait in London. Last friday I saw my first London snowfall. I came home from class to a empty flat. I decided to blast Les Miserables throughout the flat and take some self portraits! Here is the result!
snowy les mis self portrait -1

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