NYC Trip : Maryland Portrait Photographer

Happy Wednesday! Today I am sharing my NYC trip I took with fellow photographer and friend Lindsay Anne of L.A. Birdie Photography. I am so grateful for this girl. We had an awesome day together. We caught every type of weather possible. We shot in the middle of a pond in central park in the pouring rain and on a roof top at golden hour. I got to meet up with Julia one of my friends from the London College of Fashion! She was our model for part of the day and braved the cold pond and rain storm. She is hilarious and made us giggle throughout our time with her. Here is a photo summary of the day! Check out Lindsay Anne’s blog post from the day HERE


We started our day with soupNYCjune14web-9 NYCjune14web-10 and then found this cutie NYCjune14web-11 NYCjune14web-13 NYCjune14web-16 NYCjune14web-14 NYCjune14web-15 NYCjune14web-17 NYCjune14web-18NYCjune14web-20 NYCjune14web-22 NYCjune14web-24NYCjune14web-23NYCjune14web-25 NYCjune14web-26 NYCjune14web-29 NYCjune14web-30 NYCjune14web-31NYCjune14web-33NYCjune14web-38 NYCjune14web-40 NYCjune14web-41 Turtle NYCjune14web-37NYCjune14web-43 NYCjune14web-44 NYCjune14web-45 NYCjune14web-46 NYCjune14web-47 NYCjune14web-48 NYCjune14web-49 NYCjune14web-50 NYCjune14web-51 NYCjune14web-52

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