Ask Kate: Post-Processing // Kate Ann Photography

This is my first post in my Ask Kate blog series. The other day I received this question: “What filters are you using in post-processing for your look?”. I do not claim to know everything about post-processing but I will share my methods. When I edit my images I usually start with a VSCO preset. Then I add my own settings depending on what I feel the photo needs. I tend to edit client work differently than personal work. I have custom presets in Lightroom 4 that are a combo of VSCO and my own edits. My favorite VSCO presets include Porta 400++ and Fuji 800z++. I also bring head shots into Photoshop CS6 to soften the skin and enhance the eyes a bit. I rarely, if every, crop my photos. If you are trying to develop your own style, I suggest moving every single slider and point in Lightroom or Photoshop. I honestly learned by just experimenting!

Here are some SOOC (straight out of camera) images and then my edits.

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post-processblog-3 post-processblog-5 postprocess blog post-8 postprocess blog post-10 postprocess blog post-12 postprocess blog post-16

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