The Samaritan Women Documentary // Kate Ann Photography

Hello! I hope everyone is having a good start to their week! I wanted to make a post today about something special one of my good friends has invited me to work on with her.

About two years ago I visited The Samaritan Women (TSW) for the first time during a spring break service trip. The Samaritan Women is located on a beautiful 2.5 acre farm in Baltimore. I felt a strong sense of peace during my first day working on the grounds. Though the location is magnificent, the story TSW desires to spread is one of brokenness and pain. The Samaritan Women is a Christian non- profit that houses women who were victims of human trafficking. The organization also aims to educate others about sex slavery. My friend Frankie has invited me along to help film a documentary about The Samaritan Women and human trafficking. This documentary will be an emotional journey for both of us but I am excited to be apart of the project! Here are some stills I took from our first day of shooting and a sneak peak of an interview with TSW’s founder Jeanne which was filmed by the two of us and edited by Frankie. Frankie led the interview with Jeanne!
I am excited to see where this project goes!

TSW Day 1 Web-1 TSW Day 1 Web-2

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