Christmas Inspirations // Kate Ann Photography // Maryland Portrait Photographer

Happy Monday everyone! Yesterday in Baltimore, Maryland we had our first snow day! It was pure magic. Therefore I felt I needed to compose a post of some holiday inspired decorations, drinks, and fashions I have been photographing. The first two images are some self portraits I took yesterday in the snow with the help of my good friend Frankie. The rest of the post are images from a style shoot I photographed for Glitter Guide. The super beautiful Caitlin from Style Within Reach styled everything and is featured in some of the images.
Happy holidays everyone!

KateSNow3 GlitterGuideNov25-104GlitterGuideNov25-43GlitterGuideNov25-26 GlitterGuideNov25-31 GlitterGuideNov25-48 GlitterGuideNov25-75GlitterGuideNov25-59GlitterGuideNov25-90 GlitterGuideNov25-93 GlitterGuideNov25-111

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