A Year in Review 2013

This past year has been an adventure. I started the year living in London studying fashion at the London College of Fashion. Then I came home to shoot almost every weekend, working with some great photographers and amazing couples. Kate Ann Photography became Kate Ann Photography, LLC! I also had the chance to photograph styles shoots for Glitter Guide and photograph some beautiful souls. God is good.
My life is not perfect by any means. There were rough patches and sleepless nights. Thanks to the support of my dear friends and family I made it. I am beyond thankful for everyone who believes in me. Cheers to another year of photographing love stories and growing closer to God!
♥ Kate

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5 thoughts on “A Year in Review 2013

  1. Beautiful work!!! Such an amazing year. I hope we can work together again next year- and not get stuck in a parking garage 🙂

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