Paige + Stu’s Wedding // Historic Kent Manor Inn // Eastern Shore Wedding Photographer

I met up with Paige in Stu a year and a half ago in London (their current home). They married in London but wanted to plan a wedding celebration for their friends and family in the States! Their day was filled with heartfelt tears, tender hugs and fun dance moves. Their friends and family from all around the world rejoiced in Paige and Stu’s sweet love. It was a blessing to be apart of their day!

♥ Kate
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Hair: Erin Brown & Becky Shearing
Makeup: Chandler Smith
Florist: Seaberry Farm
Planner/Day of Coordinator: Danielle
DJ/Band: Dusk Til Dawn Entertainment
Caterer: Kent Manor Inn
Gown designer/retailer: Betsy Robinson, Amsale

12 thoughts on “Paige + Stu’s Wedding // Historic Kent Manor Inn // Eastern Shore Wedding Photographer

  1. I just love the drama of the lighting in the photos of Paige getting ready by the window. Those portraits of them? Perfection. Beautiful work!!

  2. Some many great shots but I especially love the photo of the bridesmaids under the bride’s veil while she is getting ready. Great candid!! Thanks for sharing!!

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