The Sea and The Stars // Amanda and Nick’s Wedding Story // Baltimore Wedding Photographer

Last September I started on a project with one of my best friends Frankie that would change my life. We had the privilege to make a documentary about The Samaritan Women Ministry (TSW), an organization that is operating a transitional residence program for women recovering from trauma and trafficking which emphasizes life-rebuilding and reconciliation. TSW is also leading a state-wide social justice initiative against human trafficking. During the process of making the documentary we interviewed various staff members and volunteers from TSW including Amanda and Nick. When I met Amanda last September, she was a single woman pursuing her passion for social justice. Later we met Nick, a volunteer who gave up everything to inform the world about human trafficking. They starting dating while we were still making the film. When Amanda called me and asked me to be her photographer for her August wedding I was literally in tears. They tied the knot on the The Samaritan Women property where they first met and fell in love! These two ran towards their passions and towards God and found each other in the midst. I feel completely honored to share some of my favorite images from their wedding day!

Here is the tale of the Seafarer’s Daughter (Amanda’s Dad was in the Navy)  and the Star-gazer’s Son (Nick’s dad works for NASA) :

Also be sure to listen to this beautiful song while you take a look at these images (Amanda walked down the aisle to this tune):
Amanda and Nick Blog-1 Amanda and Nick Blog-3Amanda and Nick Blog-7Amanda and Nick -65Amanda and Nick Blog-23 Amanda and Nick Blog-16Amanda and Nick -98Amanda and Nick Blog-20Amanda and Nick Blog-173Amanda and Nick Blog-174Amanda and Nick Blog-177 Amanda and Nick Blog-39 Amanda and Nick Blog-38 Amanda and Nick Blog-40 Amanda and Nick Blog-41Amanda and Nick -168Amanda and Nick -165Amanda and Nick Blog-53 Amanda and Nick Blog-55 Amanda and Nick Blog-50Amanda and Nick Blog-181Amanda and Nick Blog-56 Amanda and Nick Blog-57Amanda and Nick Blog-184Amanda and Nick Blog-62 Amanda and Nick Blog-61 Amanda and Nick Blog-67 Amanda and Nick Blog-68 Amanda and Nick Blog-69 Amanda and Nick Blog-71 Amanda and Nick Blog-72Amanda and Nick -323Amanda and Nick Blog-74 Amanda and Nick Blog-76Amanda and Nick Blog-202Amanda and Nick Blog-79Amanda and Nick -377Amanda and Nick -379Amanda and Nick Blog-80 Amanda and Nick Blog-89Amanda-and-Nick-Gif-2Amanda and Nick Blog-90 Amanda and Nick Blog-91Amanda and Nick Blog-92Amanda and Nick Blog-93Amanda and Nick Blog-94Amanda and Nick Blog-99Amanda and Nick Blog-96Amanda and Nick Blog-98Amanda and Nick -637Amanda and Nick Frame Expansion Amanda and Nick Blog-101 Amanda and Nick Blog-105 Amanda and Nick Blog-104 Amanda and Nick Double Exposure Amanda and Nick Blog-150 Amanda and Nick Blog-109Amanda and Nick Blog-110Amanda and Nick Blog-114Amanda and Nick Blog-112Amanda and Nick -689Amanda and Nick Blog-117 Amanda and Nick Blog-119 Amanda and Nick Blog-121 Amanda and Nick Blog-122 Amanda and Nick Blog-124 Amanda and Nick Blog-125 Amanda and Nick Blog-126 Amanda and Nick Blog-128 Amanda and Nick Blog-131 Night shot Amanda and NickHere are the vendors that made this day possible!

Hair: Angela Soto of Lucky 3 Studio

Make-up: Kimmy Gonzalez

Planner/Day of Coordinator: Lindsay Hocker of Simply Perfect Events

DJ/Band: Pedro Gonzalez

Caterer: Beefalo Bos

Gown designer: Maya Couture

Jewelry: Stella & Dot

Invitations/ Menus: PaperDolls Designs

Videographer: Frankie Films

Wedding Cake: Minted Sweets

Also check out Frankie’s sneak peek video of Amanda’s wedding HERE!


14 thoughts on “The Sea and The Stars // Amanda and Nick’s Wedding Story // Baltimore Wedding Photographer

  1. Kate… You are one of the most talented photographers I’ve ever met and this wedding simply proves that beyond a shadow of a doubt. This is by far one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve ever seen. Oh my goodness. The light, the love, the story. It’s so moving and beautifully told. Oh, and that double exposure literally took my breath away!

  2. Nick and Amanda’s wedding was amazing. Everything seemed to fall into place just as it was supposed to. I want nothing but the best for Amanda and Nick. If their wedding is any indication it will be smooth sailing for them. Love always, live with joy.

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